In November 2012, Robin Cowie, Christopher Dotson, III, and Reed Frerichs looked at the landscape of the film industry and realized that studios were focusing on tent pole, high budget, and four quadrant motion pictures to the exclusion of smaller budgeted family films.  They knew that family films had a history of being profitable, often generating franchises with multiple products.  The team set about researching this opportunity.  The result is the Indaba Media Family fund.


The fund has the following key criteria:

1. Project budgets between $5 million and $35 million

2. Projects will not have a rating higher than PG 13, 12A (UK), or T for computer games

3. All projects will ultimately require at least North American Domestic distribution

4. The entertainment projects (motion pictures, games, books, etc.) must be designed for family enjoyment.

5. There needs to be a unique value component to the entertainment.


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The Indaba Team

The managers of Indaba Media Capital, LLC have decades of direct entertainment industry experience in all aspects of finance, production, distribution, and marketing.  They have worked on feature films, television series, documentaries, computer games, web content, branding, and advertising campaigns.  They have also started, or managed, a brand and web marketing company, a talent management company, an ecommerce company, a medical services company, and a hedge fund.  Additionally, the managers have assembled a top team of advisors, consultants, and collaborators.

Robin Cowie – Managing Partner

Robin is a filmmaker, television producer, Internet and transmedia marketing entrepreneur. Robin financed, produced and helped market one of the most successful independent films of all time, The Blair Witch Project that generated $250,000,000 at the box office worldwide on a production budget of $160,000 and ushered in the digital micro-financing theatrical production trend that continues to this day.


Robin is also the recipient of numerous awards including the Nova Award from the Producers Guild of America and the Prix de Jeuvenes from the Cannes Film Festival.


Beginning his career at Nickelodeon, Robin created and produced on-air promotions, packaging, and interstitials for the highly successful top-rated TV series Guts, Clarissa Explains it All, and My Brother and Me. He transitioned to the Walt Disney Company where he produced, launched and managed the brand Disney at Home, a series of programs designed to integrate the Disney brand into guests daily lives. These programs included, among others, the top selling Disney at Home for the Holidays and Disney at Home Gardening, which were sold throughout the Disney theme parks, online, and in the Disney retail stores.


Robin became a key member of the team that launched The Golf Channel. He was involved in all aspects of the launch, and managed packaging, promotions, and branding for the first Golf Channel television shows. After the channel’s successful launch, Robin founded and built Hollywood Cows (Later known as Go Convergence), an innovative branding and marketing company, still in business today. This company provides clients with highly effective multi-platform marketing and brand development services, including brand planning, promotions, packaging, commercial production, and innovative online and social media strategies. Under Rob’s management, clients included (and still include) national blue chip brands such as Disney and CNN, as well as celebrities and sport figures such as Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus.


Continuing his passion for Internet entrepreneurship, Robin became President of Worldwide Brands, which sold a database connecting wholesale suppliers with on-line retailers, including eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo. While Robin was at the helm of Worldwide Brands, the company worked with over 10 million suppliers and 150,000 Internet retailers, and generated sales of over $8 million annually.


Robin simultaneously continued as president of Haxan Films overseeing financing, production, marketing and arranging worldwide distribution for the following feature films: Altered (science-fiction); Seventh Moon; Lovely Molly (horror); VHS 2 (horror compilation); and Exists (science-fiction suspense) in partnership with Mark Ordesky (Executive Producer, Lord of The Rings).


Robin is currently a managing partner for Indaba Media Capital, LLC with a focus on overseeing production and is currently in preproduction as one of the producers of The White Giraffe.

Christopher Dotson, III – Managing Partner

Christopher has over 32 years of diverse management and financial experience. He grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from the Menlo School of Business Administration. Christopher began his career working for one of the first managed healthcare programs in the country. He started as the administrator with two doctors in the practice and quickly rose to CEO, responsible for overseeing an eight doctor medical group and 30,000 patients.


Christopher left the healthcare field to work with Benny Medina at Warner Bros. Records where he coordinated budgets and managed the activities between A&R, Marketing & Promotions, and studio production in the music division responsible for managing relationships with Prince, Ray Charles, Queen Latifah, and many other popular artists. Christopher also provided personal and business management services for music industry executives and artists.


During this time, Christopher became CFO of Medina/Pollack Entertainment and was on the team that created one of the most popular and successful family sitcoms in television history – Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. (An interesting side note is that Christopher was the inspiration for the character “Carlton.”) Fresh Prince received several Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, and won several awards including a Kids Choice Award and two Image Awards. While Christopher was at Medina/Pollack Entertainment, they also developed and produced the motion picture Above the Rim.


After Medina/Pollack, Christopher joined an investment group focusing on the purchase of television stations in the midwest and on real estate investments with his family. Upon meeting Robin Cowie, Christopher returned to the entertainment world and worked with Robin on the film Exists.


Christopher is currently a managing partner for Indaba Media Capital, LLC with a focus on project development and is currently in preproduction as one of the Executive Producers of The White Giraffe.

Reed Frerichs – Managing Partner

Reed has over ten years of experience in the entertainment industry, as well as five years of financial management experience at the highest levels. Reed grew up in San Antonio, Texas, and received a degree in Finance from the University of Texas.


Two weeks after graduation, Reed was cast in a supporting role in the film Powder, starring Jeff Goldblum and Mary Steenburgen. Over the next decade, Reed acted in over 20 film and television projects and established a wide network of relationships with actors, directors and casting agents, both in Texas and Los Angeles.


In 2008, Reed made the move away from Hollywood to be an equity trader and market analyst for Hellman Jordan Management. He successfully ran the operations of the Florida office for the Chairman and Senior Portfolio manager of Hellman Jordan, whose accounts returned more than 100% during Reed’s tenure.


Reed then managed equity and derivatives accounts for the Umbach Financial Group. While Reed was with Umbach, the company’s double digit return greatly outperformed the flat S&P 500. Over the last five years, Reed has developed deep connections with financial institutions and top money managers. Most recently, Reed was Executive Producer and led the financing for the motion picture Exists.


Reed is currently a managing partner for Indaba Media Capital, LLC with a focus on project financing and is currently in preproduction as one of the Executive Producers of The White Giraffe.

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